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AQUATONIC HOTEL will be the most unique and extraordinary Tourist attraction in the world.The structure of AQUATONIC HOTEL will break the common idea that any structure should built on the land and give the tourists fresh feeling as a upto date floating accommodation facilities.

AQUATONIC HOTEL will be constructed as a cone shaped sea Hotel on the sea with wealthy marine resources covering many beautiful small islands all around the peninsula.

AQUATONIC HOTEL will contribute to an enhancement of the image of Korea. expected to be boomed on the occasion of 2002 world Cup.


AQUATONIC HOTEL shall also contribute an enchantment of the image of Korea by providing high quality Accommodations. Leisure facilities. Sea Ecological Park. Aquarium and so on.

AQUATONIC HOTEL will be not only for foreign tourists. expected to visit Korea on the occasion of 2002 world Cup contest and other international events but will be developed as a domestic tourist courses for the population of 22 million of the capital area.

Moreover. there are bout 700 manufacturing enterprises in neighboring cities thus many foreign investors and engineers and expected to visit these areas.

The AQUATONIC HOTEL shall faction to act not only as a centre of marine tourist attraction by closely connecting with the surrounding tourists sites will also brighten the prospects of the first class of Business Horel.


1— Land Transportation.

30—50 min by care from Seoul. capital city of Korea. to the AQUATONIC HOTEL though main Highways and about 30 min to reach the AQUATONIC HOTEL via West coast Highway.

2- Marine Transportation.

Sea Transportation networks are planned by using fast and luxury ship.

3- Air Transportation,

20—20 in from A new international Airport.

4- Subway,

30-50 min from an} subway station in the city center to the AQUATONIC HOTEL.

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