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Linguist Services

Translation & Localization

Localization of user documentation, UIs, software & hardware content (IT, Telecom)
Localization of mobile and game applications (Game)
Localization of marketing content, business, corporate, and educational content (Corporate Communications)
Translation of academic papers and scientific books (Humanities)

Editing & Proofreading

Editing and styling of editorial content, press releases, fine marketing, and advertising copy
Editing academic and marketing research content
Proofreading general and technical documentation


Creative writing for advertising and marketing copy
Drafting press releases and editorial content
Drafting educational and business-related content for corporate communications needs

Latest Final Clients & Projects:

  • Centre for Creative Learning (Top 10 Executive learning by Financial Times)
  • Microsoft Co.
  • Canon Inc.
  • Interactive Intelligence (call center & software solutions)
  • Redbooth (web-based collaboration platform)
  • Epicor (retail, business software)
  • Emarsys (email marketing solutions)
  • BDI Brazil Board (Brazil-Germany industry association)
  • Playtika Games

Nessco Systems (leader in Telecom solutions)