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Hi, I 'm Dr. Darria

I’m an ER doctor, bestselling author, national TV regular, and mom of 2. If you want to take back control of your health and just feel like yourself again, I’ll help you get there.

You’ve GOT this.

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Mom Hacks is Now a National Bestseller!

Mom Hacks released in February 2019 – and already hit the top 25 national bestseller list! Because EVERYONE needs to hear “You’ve GOT this” and have the tools to get there.

You can be the mother and woman you want to be, and with Mom Hacks, you don’t have to listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. It’s time for a new world order.

Mom Hacks doesn’t add to your to-do list, it makes it easier TO DO.

You just need to start,

start small,

…..and start today.

And remember –

You’ve GOT this.

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What People Are Saying

Dawn WhaleySharecare President and mom

Dr. Darria – a mother, a doctor and patient – is uniquely able to give “insider” advice that’s both relatable and trustworthy. Most importantly, her easily-absorbed hacks are a quick read on-the-go, can be read in any order, and are just what the doctor ordered for busy moms everywhere.

Lynn SmithMom and CNN Anchor

While we always hear “it takes a village”, that’s not always easy to find…until now. Welcome to your village of fun and sensible advice every mom needs to hear! Going from me to mommy wasn’t the easiest transition for me, and I wish I had this book back then! It’s a must have for all of us navigating the wonderfully complicated journey of motherhood.

Mehmet OzM.D. Host, The Dr Oz Show Attending Physician

Dr Darria’s witty, clever and thoughtful approach to mothering advice will make you comfortable with the chaotic beauty of raising the most treasured friend you will ever have. Go get’em!

Dr. Sanjay GuptaCNN Chief Medical Correspondent

Mom Hacks is a book every household should have to help maintain and improve the health of their children, and themselves. Dr. Darria fills the book with real medical lessons distilled from her years in the ER, as well as her own experiences as a mom of two children. This is the perspective and information moms everywhere need to hear, today.

Meg ArnoldBSN, RN, mom of four

Dr. Darria shares her wisdom and offers honest advice on how Mom’s can live their fullest, healthiest, and joy-filled lives while not sacrificing their most precious gift—their children. With balance, she reveals how we can have it all in Mom Hacks.

Don’t waste your time on health fads anymore.

It's time to simplify your health - for those days that you have too much&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspto do